Tower of the Four Winds restored to original beauty

Thanks to a nearly $200,000 grant and work by Jensen Conservation services, the monumental mosaic on the Tower of the Four Winds has been restored to its original beauty.

Jensen Conservation services began work on restoring the monumental Tower of the Four Winds mosaic in May and completed the project in mid-July.

As reported in the Pilot-Tribune newspaper, the Blair landmark created by former Dana College art professor F.W. Thomsen more than 30 years ago was slowly being destroyed by the elements and could have been lost for future generations.

In October, John Thomsen, son of F.W. Thomsen,  spoke  at the  rededication hosted by the Blair Historic Preservation Alliance (BHPA) at Black Elk-Neihardt Park.

“How great it is to be here with Dad’s work restored as it has been so beautifully,” he said. “I’m sure Dad is looking down now with his big smile, happy that this has taken place and also Black Elk and Neihardt no doubt.”

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